Philly Cranksgiving 2012

On Saturday we stuffed the van with bikes and friends and drove 5 hours out to Philadelphia for Cranksgiving, an alleycat to collect food for Philabundance, a local food bank. 

Sunday, we woke up early, dropped off the FiksMobile to Tattoo Mom on South St, and rode down to Penn Treaty Park. 


We made the spoke cards, and just like the ones for the Spring Roll, we had a little fun with the numbers.

Though we planned to ride as a group, Kyle, the intern, and I took off, leaving the three behind, finishing in about 2 hours.

My friend Paul came in a little after us, and the other two took there time, stopped at a bakery for cake, and leisurely strolled in as we were awarded the "Best Out of Town Crew" prize of a Spodee Wine gift bucket.

Oh, and Kyle was hit by a car.  Some lady from New Jersey right hooked him without a signal and then drove off.

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