Scraper Reflective T Shirt

Reflective. Stylish. Made in USA.

Our proprietary printing process not only outperforms cheaper silk screened reflective inks and traditional heat transfer, but also has a much cleaner finish and a longer life.  Embedded in the material is millions of tiny glass particles that bounce the light from a car’s headlights back to the driver to ensure they see you.  

The fabric is a super soft tri-blend fabric will keep you cool biking around town or going for a run and looks just as good out at the bar with your friends.. It drapes and wears well with a soft drape and it dries and breathes better than plain cotton.



The reflective material used to make these shirts so different is heat sensitive, so your shirt needs to be washed with cold water and dried with low heat--hang drying is really best, but we get sometimes you just can't wait.  No bleach.


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