Help Aseel in Gaza

They are listed $10 over the normal retail price for these bottles because 100% of your $30 is going to Aseel.   I ask that you pay some of the shipping cost [$5.50 in the USA] and I will front the payment processing and all other fees so Aseel will get $30 for every bottle sold. Please, do not apply discount codes.

From Nick:

These bottles were made for a former business of mine, Banker Supply.  It was a commuter bicycle shop with locations in the Echo Park neighborhood of Los Angeles, CA and the East Liberty neighborhood of Pittsburgh, PA [we also had a short lived stint in Wicker Park, Chicago, IL].  I believe that bicycles can improve communities and empower people.

I recently found them in storage and wanted to find good homes for these super high-quality water bottles and want to help my friend, Aseel, in Gaza.

About Aseel

Aseel became an attorney because she is passionate about law and cares deeply about women's rights.  She was only able to practice for one year before Israel laid siege on Gaza and she has had no income since October.  Her home and family farm were destroyed.  She currently is trying to survive in a tent in 21 other people, including sick elderly people and children.

I am working directly with Aseel and Steadfast for Gaza

If you aren't familiar with Purist water bottles, this is why they're better than everyday water bottles:

The all-new Purist Insulated features our Chromatek™ liner—a proprietary insulating barrier that lines the core to keep your liquids cold. Not only do your liquids stay cold, but new squeezable materials allow for unmatched flexibility, too.

The Purist Insulated Chromatek Bottles still feature an amorphous silicon dioxide coating that's infused into the inner-wall of the bottle. Essentially, this forms a glass-like finish that provides a totally natural, and completely inert, solution to the problem of your drinks staining the bottle or leaving behind any residual aftertaste. This infusion also shields your fresh water from tasting like plastic on very hot days, making it akin to drinking straight from a sparkling clean glass.

The Omni Self-sealing Heart Valve™ delivers a high rate of flow with a leak-proof design, even when the valve is open. Refined no-slip grip design and polished surface for easy use.

  • Purist infusion shields the bottle from odor, stains, and mold to keep your water pure and your bottle clean.
  • Chromatek™ liner keeps your liquids cold.
  • Updated materials make for unmatched squeezability.
  • Smaller mouthpiece size for better mouthfeel and easier engagement. Simple hands-free open and close valve.
  • Self-sealing Heart Valve™ delivers a high rate of flow with a 100% leak-proof design, even when the valve is open.
  • Rubber over-molded on the outside of cap for an easy grip.
  • BPA-Free plastic is made from 100% FDA food- grade materials, and it's printed with non-solvent base (UV Cured), CPSC-approved ink and materials.