Lateral Reflective T Shirt

Ride bikes?  So do we!  Wear this shirt and let everyone you see know how much you love bicycles during the day or at night.

We don't think you should have to look like a construction worker to be seen on your bike.  We utilized a special reflective material to produce clothes that make you visible at night with modern, fashionable design.  
Our special glass bead thermoplastic material not only outperforms cheap silk screened reflective inks, but also has a much cleaner finish.  Embedded in the material is millions of tiny glass particles that bounce the light from a car’s headlights back to the driver to ensure they see you.  You won’t see a lot of shirts like this because the material and the process is more difficult and more expensive than inks.

This drirelease® tee is far more than your normal polyester “tech tee”.  This patented fabric is made from a blend of organic and synthetic materials mixed at the fiber level to create level of comfort and performance that you will find is unmatched to anything else you own.  It wicks and dries 4 times faster than cotton, and with FreshGuard technology, it naturally neutralizes odors without chemicals.  



Garment made in Los Angeles, CA 
Designed and finished in Pittsburgh, PA.




The reflective material used to make these shirts so different is heat sensitive, so your shirt needs to be washed with cold water and dried with low heat--hang drying is really best, but we get sometimes you just can't wait.  No bleach.


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